Whole Home Remodeling

With Mervin & Sons, Whole Home Remodeling is a seamless and enjoyable process. We prioritize open communication, attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


Our Whole Home Renovations Services Offered

Our Whole Home Remodeling service covers various areas within your home, including :


Mervin & Sons Construction specializes in designing and constructing stunning custom decks that enhance your outdoor living space. Whether you envision a spacious deck for entertaining guests or a cozy retreat for relaxation, our team will bring your ideas to life. Our home renovation contractors handle everything from deck repairs and refinishing to the installation of features like railings and lighting.


Enhance privacy, security, and curb appeal with Mervin & Sons Construction professional fencing services. We offer various fencing options, including wood, vinyl, and metal, tailored to your preferences and needs. Our skilled team ensures precise installation, and we also provide fence repairs, gate installation, and staining or sealing services.


Mervin & Sons Construction understands that the right flooring can transform the look and feel of your home. From hardwood and laminate to tile and carpet, we offer a wide range of flooring options. Our home renovation contractors handle the entire process, from installation and refinishing to subfloor repairs, ensuring a beautiful and durable finish.

Outdoor Living

Create an outdoor oasis with Mervin & Sons' outdoor living services. We specialize in designing and constructing outdoor kitchens, patios, fireplaces, and hardscapes to enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Our team pays attention to every detail, ensuring a seamless integration of style, functionality, and comfort.

Customized Closets

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized living with Mervin & Sons Construction custom closet solutions. Our expert designers create customized closet systems that maximize storage and optimize space utilization. We offer a variety of closet accessories, including shelving, drawers, and lighting, to create a personalized and efficient storage solution.

Staircase Update

Mervin & Sons Construction can revitalize your staircase with professional updates and renovations. Whether you desire a modern railing, staircase repairs, or a complete replacement, our skilled craftsmen ensure exceptional results. We also offer staircase refinishing or restaining to breathe new life into your stairs.

Doors & Windows

Enhance your home's aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency with Mervin & Sons Construction's door and window services. We provide expert installation of interior and exterior doors, window replacements, and French door installations. Our team helps you choose the perfect doors and windows to complement your home's style.

Drywall & Painting

Transform your home's interior and exterior with Mervin & Sons Construction drywall and painting services. Our home renovation contractors handle drywall installation, repairs, and finishing, ensuring a smooth and flawless surface. We also offer interior and exterior painting services, including color consultations, to revitalize your home's appearance.

Laundry Room Renovations

Mervin & Sons Construction can turn your laundry room into a functional and organized space. Our services include laundry room design and layout optimization, installation of cabinets and countertops, and plumbing and electrical work for laundry appliances. We create efficient and aesthetically pleasing laundry room solutions tailored to your needs.


About Our Whole Home Renovations in Austin

If you want to transform your entire home into a space that reflects your style and meets your functional needs, Mervin & Sons Construction is here to help. As experts in Whole Home Remodeling in Austin, we offer a comprehensive range of services to breathe new life into your property. With our team of skilled professionals and commitment to quality, we can turn your vision into a reality.

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Our Process

At Mervin & Sons, we understand that every homeowner has unique requirements and preferences. That's why our Whole Home Remodeling service is tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you want to update an outdated property, enhance functionality, or create a cohesive design throughout your home, we have the expertise to guide you through the entire remodeling process.

Time to Chat

Let's chat so we can get to know each other and the needs of your project. We will talk about the scope of the project, the proposed budget, and your desired timeline.

Time to Meet

Next, we'll meet in person to evaluate the scope of your project, consult with you regarding our process, and determine the project budget. Whether you already have a solid design plan or need to collaborate with us to nail down the design, we are here to bring that finalized vision to reality.

Time to Propose

Your detailed proposal will include a comprehensive scope of work customized to the specifications of your project. Review, evaluate, and approve to move our relationship to the next level.

Time to Begin

Once the proposal is approved, our dedicated team will develop a schedule, select and order materials, and begin providing you with the care, attention to detail, and craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.

Let’s Get Started!

Mervin and Sons are ready to assist you with your whole home remodeling needs. Contact us now so we can discuss the details of your project, and we’ll give you a FREE estimate.