Killeen Home Remodeling

We know every Killeen homeowner deserves to remodel their home as they see fit. As your Killeen home remodeling contractors, we will help you live in the home of your dreams. We’ll work diligently to turn your vision into reality.


Our Services in Killeen

What Our Services Cover

Remodeling Decks
and Fencing



Repairing Plumbing
and Electricals

Installing Showers
of Bathtubs

of Beams

Mervin & Sons and You

Our mission is to transform your home completely. With timeless quality, excellent craftsmanship, and with the integrity that our family business is built on, we ensure this mission is achieved with each project. Our contractors will always bring their time-developed skills, quality tools, and helpful knowledge as they work on your home.

A Dream Home No More

We look forward to remodeling your home so it would fit your dream home. Contact Mervin & Sons today and get a FREE estimate along with details of your Killeen home remodeling project.