A Complete Home Renovation Service

They say, ‘home is where the heart is.’ So, Mervin and Sons offer a variety of ways to ensure that your family - the heart - has a home forever. Through our whole home renovation, we can remodel and renovate your home to fit your dream design.


Types of Whole Home Renovation Services Offered

When we say ‘whole home,’ we mean ‘everything.’ Be it inside or outside, the types of renovation services we provide will allow you to remake any space in your house to improve how it looks, feels, and functions. Whether your whole home renovation project is as simple as giving your living room a facelift or is as complicated as reworking a specific room from scratch, we know WE CAN DO IT!

Doors and Windows

Most people often neglect the state of their doors and windows due to how easy they are to clean, fix, or replace. Don’t skip these during your home renovation project.

Staircase Updates

Nothing shouts ‘accident-prone area’ as loudly as an old or worn staircase. In addition to repairing your staircase, we can also update its appearance to match your home.

Drywall and Painting

Though a durable and cost-effective material, drywall can get damaged and soaked fairly easily. If your drywall needs to be fixed and repainted, Mervin and Sons will happily oblige you.

Custom Closets

As a great and well-rounded option for the family, we can build custom closets and cabinets to suit your specific needs, whether it's for your kitchen, home office, or bedroom.


Don’t like how your floor looks or feels? Mervin and Sons can change it completely. Whether you want tiles, wood, vinyl, or some other material, we will do it for you.

Laundry Room Renovations

A laundry room is an essential part of any household. But if you aren’t happy with it, we will renovate it until you are satisfied. We’ll make the laundry room you deserve!

Outdoor Living

An outdoor living area is a great way to extend your leisure space. Covered or uncovered, fully furnished or not, we can work with the space you have and make it even better.


If you have a deck, we will repair and re-stain it so it will look good as new. If you don’t have one, we can build one for you to further improve your outdoor living space.


As an outdoor element of your home, your fence will need extra love and care. Much like your deck, we will do our best to make repairs and re-stain it as we renovate your home.


About Our Whole Home Renovations in Austin

When you know your home has a great foundation and structure but is in serious need of repair or remodeling, Mervin and Sons is here to help. Our team of renovation contractors has the skills, experience, and professional know-how to update your spaces and aesthetics, as well as the overall function and comfort. Not only will we make your home good as new, but we will also make it worthy of your time, money, and love.

Why Whole Home Renovation?

Renovating your home is a big investment, both in terms of time and money, but the value Mervin and Sons gives you in return is plenty. However, if you’re still on the fence and can’t make a decision, we do have a few reasons for you to consider. Some may be obvious, while others will become apparent later.

To Make Your Home Safe

An old, ill-maintained home is an unsafe home. By using our whole home renovation service, we’ll make sure your home is safe to live in for you and your family.

To Increase Your Comfort

Some homes are built for function instead of form, making them a little less comfortable. Through home renovation, we can make it more comfortable as well as functional.

To Boost Your Home’s Value

A whole home renovation is an option for you to consider if or when you plan to sell your home. It will boost the value of your home and make it appealing to buyers.

To Improve Your Home’s Function

If you need more space, another bedroom, or even a special room (like a man cave or crafting room), renovating your home will allow you to have those specific spaces.

Let’s Begin The Renovations!

Mervin and Sons would be more than happy to assist with your whole home renovations. Contact our team of contractors today and get a FREE quote for your project. We look forward to renovating your home for you!