Complete Custom Builds and Trim Carpentry Services

Fully customize the look of your home with the help of our trim carpentry and custom builds. You should feel like you are living in the house of your dreams with all the desired features and not in a box with blank walls and a featureless ceiling.


Types of Custom Builds and Trim Carpentry Services

As expected of services that involve custom-made features, there are plenty of ideas you can entertain for your home remodeling. You can do anything you want with your living space, like going for a rustic feel or planning for a modern home. Whatever shape or texture you would like your home to take, we can use custom builds to create the features you want.


Great for adding texture to your walls. Also can help prevent damage to your walls caused by pushed chairs, opening doors, or people bumping into them.

Accent Walls

We’ll create a point of interest that is different from the rest of the room. We’ll give a wall a different texture, design, or color to make it attractive.

Crown Molding

Perfect for completing the finish of a room and enhancing the appearance further by adding a touch of class. Comes in many decorative forms and designs.

Shiplap Ceilings

A great design approach to give your home that natural or rustic look. We can also shiplap your walls if you want to take the design aesthetic further.

Coffered Ceilings

If it feels like your ceiling is a little too low, coffered ceilings will help create the impression that your ceiling is much higher than it is.

Additions of Arches

In addition to making your home look amazing, adding arches to a room will make that room appear more spacious and thus help make the room stand out.

Beam Installation

If you plan to add more rooms on the upper floors of your home, we can first install several beams to improve your home’s ability to hold the extra weight.

Custom Built-Ins

From simple shelves to multipurpose cabinets, we can replace those flat walls with additional features that can also act as storage or display spaces.


About Custom Builds and Trim Carpentry in Austin

Our custom builds and trim carpentry services will allow you to do what you want with your interior space. More often than not, many families feel like they cannot add certain features or choose specific designs to create the home of their dreams. And while there are plenty of remodeling materials to be found in specialized stores, these aren’t always as good as something custom-made to fit your home.

Why Choose Custom Builds and Trim Carpentry?

Apart from enhancing the appearance of your home, there are several reasons to use our custom builds and trim carpentry services. Here are a few things to think about when you are planning to remodel your home.

Faster Remodeling

It is sometimes cheaper and more time-efficient to cover a flaw than to rebuild it. For example, rather than scrape off the popcorn ceiling, use a shiplap ceiling to cover it up.

For Better Comfort

There’s no better feeling of comfort than staying in a space that you helped design and create, especially when you remember that most features were custom-made for your home.

To Improve Function

Instead of buying multiple pieces of furniture to add function to a room, we can do the same (but with more saved space) by making custom built-ins that can do the same thing.

Boost Home Value

A home with a lot of custom-built features, trims, and unique aesthetics will be more attractive to most homebuyers than a home with standard features and common aesthetics.

Let’s Get Custom Building!

Complete your home remodeling with custom builds and trim carpentry. Fully customize your home with Mervin and Sons. Contact us today to get a FREE estimate.